Departure by bus from Sciacca’s major hotels. Caltabellotta is one of the most beautiful Sicilian towns, rich in charm and history , and it also has a splendid view over most of southern Sicily .The oldest traces that are still visible are the Punic tombs carved into the rock and the prehistoric necropolis near Santa Maria della Pietà church. The so-called “Pizzo” is the most interesting part of Caltabellotta, which is the highest and oldest area of the town where the old Mother Church stands, built by the Normans in the eleventh century and dominated by Monte Castello, where you can admire the remains of the walls that surrounded the city and the ancient tower.

Excursion Duration : Half day
Departure time 9:00 am or 14:30

Up to 8 people the cost is € 18,00
Up to 19 people the cost is € 14,00
*excursion cost does not include meals, guides and entrance to museums or places of interest.

On request departure from other places.

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