Departure by bus from the hotel from Sciacca to the archaeological site of Segesta. To admire the ancient greek theater, the temple and the sanctuary. Continue to the small medieval town of Erice, with narrow streets, medieval arches, decorated courtyards and small shops that maintains unchanged its ancient charm. To end the tour stop at the famous “Saline” of Marsala. Designed to produce salt, in the course of time have acquired more and more fascination thanks to the color of the salt, the effect that the sun makes on it, and the old mills that are found there.

Duration of the Excursion: Full Day
Start time 8:00

Up to 8 people Euro 40,00
Up to 19 people Euro 28,00
*the cost of the Excursion does not include meals, guides and entrance fees to museum and places of interest.

On request departure from other places.

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